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Sunday, November 23rd, 2003
12:53 am - Now Another Sports Post...
(WARNING: Strong language may be contained in this post)

Oh, Johnny Johnny, Johnny Johnny Johnny Wilkinson. Oh, Johnny Johnny, Johnny Johnny Johnny Wilkinson.
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Coming For To Carry Me Home, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Coming For To Carry Me Home.

Yes. England are
Rugby World Cup Champions</big>.
Special props for Martin Johnson.

Leicester City 1 - 1 Charlton Athletic

All I have to say is what a bunch of frigging cheats. Especially Dive Canio. Props to Micky for calling him a fucking nobhead.

Oh, and who’s the wanker in the black? That would be Graham Barber.

current mood: melancholy

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12:39 am - Ten Unpopular Fannish Opinions Meme
(The fandom is Buffyverse, btw)

1. I like Riley.
2. And Connor.
3. And Dawn.
4. While scary, Hush is not the best Buffy episode.
5. James Marsters isn't always perfect with his performances. (is that too personal?)
6. I don't like Fred.
7. Season Two is not the best season of Buffy.
8. Season Four ROCKS.
9. Spin The Bottle was shite.
10. Doublemeat Palace is brilliant.


current mood: honest

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
11:00 am - Remember

current mood: grateful

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Monday, November 10th, 2003
12:33 am - Manchester City 0 Leicester City 3
Get. In. There.

(The picks ain't mine. I stole them)

current mood: ecstatic

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Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
5:12 pm - My First Icons...
Okay, so here are my first Buffy icon set. I suppose its not so much a set and more a melie of randomness. Please tell me if they're really bad.

Want. Take. Have. (But please comment if you can)


45 IconsCollapse ) (30 Bases, 2 Animated, Some lyrics... SMG, Buffy/Spike, Buffy, Dawn, 1 Willow/Xander, 1 Jenny, 1 Willow etc...)

current mood: nervous

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Thursday, October 23rd, 2003
12:22 am - Ah. So. I'm Back.
What's happened between this post and my last one? Well...

  • I went to Uni

  • I dropped out of Uni

  • New Angel sucks

  • Leicester (I stress At The Moment) are bottom of the Premiership and (to put all the football together) unless we get some more funds (not a gripe at dear Sir Lineker) then we're going to loose Muzzy... and I'll cry.

So that was the last month, condensed. I have an exciting life don't I, she deadpanned. Nah, but other than talking about myself in the third person I'm not doing much at the moment. Its half-term so my little brother and sister are at home for me to watch...

Job/Future Talk
I've sent off a load of job applications. Most are for temp/Christmas work so they'll probably take a while to come back... but one (which I kinda really want to get but haven't heard back from) is for work at a Veterinary practice training to be a Veterinary Nurse. As I am luckily not strapped for cash at the moment, if no-one wants me [pause for sob] then I'm going to volunteer in one of the local charity shops. And before you go thinking I'm a good person or something (nah, you weren't really were you?) it looks good on your CV, and its better than staying around the house all year getting glared at by my parents. You see, I'm planning to reapply to Uni next year (unless I get the Veterinary Nurse job and it really takes). Probably somewhere more local... who knows? My local town (ten minutes away) is a Uni town.

Angel Talk
So I've seen the first few episodes of ATS:S5 and boy does it suck. I mean, I can't come up with any witticisms now, but it sucks. Bad characterisation. Oversimplification. Cheesy ending music. Grrrr! I know that the ratings have been good, and that Joss wants to attract a new audience, but this is not my Angel... this is Angel 2.0 the Shit Years or something. Where are my arch's? My angst? My Cordy? My money problems? Love-triangles? My Lilah? My COCKSUCKING humour? Okay, there's lots of that, but as said by the Angel reviewer at Television Without Pity said, jokes aren't funny when they are entirely based upon the fact that 'ha ha, that means gay'. Its early in the year, so hope rains eternal... but if it continues like this for many more episodes I might turn into the Angel-equivalent to those Buffy fans who only recognise the Golden Age (Seasons 1-3) of the show as the actual program. I'll be all "Angel? Oh, that show ended... ran for four seasons... such a shame... What do you mean its on now? LA LA LA I'm not listening!!!"

End Transmission

ETA: How geek-fodder was that?

current mood: tired

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Thursday, September 4th, 2003
11:37 pm - Yes. I Am Making A Post.
Yes. I've been neglecting my posting-duties. I'm a bad, bad person. Spank me if you wish.

All done?


I just found a diary I wrote about four years ago. Actually its only a few entries because I was never very good with sticking to journal-writings. With the exception of now of course... Heh. Anyway, its just so strange reading it though because I don't even recognise the girl writing those words anymore. For example, there's a draft of a letter for my then LD-BF with corny things like 'I love you with all of my heart' written in it. How is the person who wrote that the same person who is writing this now? Okay, I'm aware this is getting all depressing... I'm caffinated, and its just past midnight. So forgive me. More spankings? Okay. Now that the over-share is over...

Some random thoughts:
- I miss football.
- Money is scary.
- Sven had better play Walker on Saturday (if you're me you know what this means)
- Why hasn't the new season of Angel started yet? Hmm?!
- Its September, why is it so hot?
- I'm a bit of a time-waster.

And that all said, here's a quiz...

Aren't I a saint...

ETA: I can't believe five other people put that they wanted to sleep with the same man that I put. Sluts.

current mood: high

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
12:28 pm - Madder
So, I didn't get any post today. But I'm calm, collected and the like. I'm sure I will soon. Then again I was also sure I'd get it today. Grr.

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Running over the cliffs, attacking with a piece of chainlink fence, cometh Jaymi_leaf! And she gives an ominous cry:

"I'm going to flog you like it's a new extreme sport, and grin like a fucking maniac!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

One thing to be happy about though is its a match day. Woo!

Now I've got to go and watch a program on C4 about my family. Toodles.

current mood: calm

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Monday, August 25th, 2003
9:49 pm - Lists?
I'm not sure how I should post in here. I either get the urge to ramble on for ages or do a short bullet-point list. So excuse me if its all disjointed.

What I did today - Learnt how to use this tagCollapse )

I have a biting-flying-bug in my room and its really annoying me 'cause I know I won't be able to sleep until its dead. *puts on hunting hat*

ETA: Ya ha! Killed it! That was really gross.

Ahh! Why can't lcfc.com fix its message board already?

current mood: mellow

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Sunday, August 24th, 2003
10:58 pm - Ho Hum
Just a few points... I'll make a real post soon.

-Firstly I have to say that the other two icons I'm using were made by isabellecs. Thank you.
-queen_vip is still truly a Queen.
-Its a crappy bank holiday tomorrow (alright for some) so there's no post. Grr. I'm waiting for my accomodation letter from Uni.
-I am such a time-waster.

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2003
6:13 pm - Woo hoo!
I have a journal! Courtesy of queen_vip. And I'm all bouncy about it. And playing with the colours, so excuse me if they partially blind you.

current mood: bouncy

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